Surfski - Kevin Brunette
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By Kevin Brunette

  • Release Date: 2015-09-19
  • Genre: Sports et plein air


SURFSKI: Training for Performance is targeted at individuals keen to lift their paddling potential through training and related endeavours. The objective is to increase fitness and endurance, preparing to do your best in competition and recreation.
The training regime for a sport of a physical nature is distinct, and this applies especially to surfski paddling. The major aspect about training is only you can do it. Even with a coach, no one is going to stand over you day-after-day, tracking your heart rate and making sure that you take the necessary sustenance. Only you can ensure that you understand the nuances of fitness and are adequately prepared, fit and ready to compete.
A well-structured training program creates a robust platform for the steady realisation of a paddling goal, promoting consistency in performance. Once a program is functioning and customised to your seasonal cycle and event calendar, it takes the uncertainty and guesswork out of sessions.