10 Lessons in Digital Literacy - Nik Peachey
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10 Lessons in Digital Literacy

By Nik Peachey

  • Release Date: 2016-09-28
  • Genre: Éducation


This ebook contains a collection of ten lesson plans to help you develop students' digital literacies and critical thinking skills. Based around authentic infographics the lessons start by using discussion to help students access what they already know about the topics and then move on to comprehension and a range of tasks that help students to explore the validity and authenticity of the information they find. They finish with structured research and presentation tasks that encourage students to work collaboratively and share what they have learned.

The lessons cover a range of topics including:
Advertising and how it influences us
Body language and how to understand it
Introverts and extroverts and how they differ
Emotional intelligence and how it impacts on our relationships
Facts about hair
Happiness and what effects it
Developing study skills
The environment and waste caused by clothes manufacturing
Daily habits of the world's wealthiest people
The history of marriage and weddings

The lessons progress through a range of tasks that engage student’s interest and encourage them to:
interact and share what they know
 develop their abilities to extract information from text and graphics
 view information critically
check the credibility and validity of information
 develop online research skills
use web based tools to create surveys and data visualisations

Each lesson includes:
A Teachers guide with advice and answer key
Photocopiable worksheets for students
A presentation with the tasks and link to the infographic